Bob Paulson's, Photography In Natural Settings | About
Background: I have been a bio-medical photographer, stock photographer, and a nature photographer. I have college degrees in biology and education. Now, ninety percent of my time is devoted to Fine Art Nature Photography.

Goals: I have one simple goal for my photography -- be true to Nature while striving to present an instant in time and a perspective that immediately elicits a "WOW!" from the viewer.

I want my images to compel people to view them over and over, to examine them closely, each time achieving a deeper understanding and appreciation of Nature’s wonder and complexity.

My subject matter includes:
1) natural settings and landscapes,
2) flowers / plants,
3) wildlife — tiny invertebrates to large mammals,
4) Natural Art [abstract art] — a literal, but unusual, look at Nature’s wonders,
5) environmental photography — related to environmental and human interaction.

— My motto —

Protect the environment as though your life depends on it!